GDF - GCA Data Files. These are plain text files used with the GURPS Character Assistant, v4.

FLX - Flex files for GCA Printer v1. The file is used by GCA Printer in conjunction with characters created with GCA v2.2 to print out reasonable looking outputs of the characters.

PDF - Adobe Acrobat (portable data file). These files require that you install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

TXT - Plain Text files. These files should be readable and editable on any computer with it's packaged text editor (such as Windows Notepad program).

DOC - Document files. These files can be opened and edited with either Microsoft Word or  Open Office.

XLS - Excel files are spreadsheets that can be opened and edited with either Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

7z - Compressed 7-Zip format. Use the free program 7-Zip to uncompress them.

ZIP - Compressed (Zipped) archive files. This is an older format with larger compressed file sizes than 7-Zip. Files are often compressed using Zip format to make them smaller for storage and download. Use a program like 7-Zip to "unzip" them.

Copyright 2004 by Eric B. Smith
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