GURPS Fantasy Folk

Centaurs, Onocentaurs
For Split ST I applied the No Fine Manipulators limitation on the portion of ST that applies to the lower body. On further reading of of the Basic Set it appears that the "official" way of covering their weaker upper body ST is to take Weak Arms (p. B53) as a disadvantage, however this method leaves something to be desired IMO. The -5 point value of Weak Arms x1/2 just doesn't compensate for the discrepancy in ST, so I've chosen to keep the No Fine Manipulators limitation.

Added some Night Vision, to represent their ability to see in their caves. Also reduced the severity of their Greed and Miserliness with a self-control of 15.

Reduced their ST to 2 - their ST just seemed way too high for my liking.

Reduced the value of their Sense of Duty (Nature) to -10pts. Exchanged the DX bonus for Perfect Balance.

Added Social Stigma and Appearance, reduced their default Magery to Magery 0.

Added Hooves.

Added two new sizes of Giant (Behemoth and Gargantuan). Adjusted their ST values to mesh with the required ST values for levels of Growth (p. 58).

Great Eagles
Traded Compulsive Behavior for Loner.

Merfolk & Dolphins
Added Dependency on Water to represent the damage they take from being out of the water (this is damage independent of breathing). Removed Dependency on Air from Dolphins, replaced it with the advantage Doesn't Breathe (Oxygen Storage).


GURPS Aliens

Psionic Races

All the Psionic Races (Banduch, Gerodians, Kronin, & Liook Sujan) required a significant redesign. I used GURPS Update as a guide in the conversion (as I did with all the conversions). Still, some minor differences may be present.

Crystal Computers
I had to completely redesign the race from the ground up. I added an Affliction for their ability to cause Nightmares (if a target fails it should be played out that they automatically suffer from nightmares for the duration, the Crystal Computers pay enough points for this ability to make it at least that effective). I also gave them the Meta-Traits AI and Body of Stone.

Again, I had to completely redesign the race. Some of the abilities granted under Global Consciousness from 3e are covered under Mindlink, and you can assume that others are covered under the Patron, but there are certain things that just aren't covered. In particular is the effective Resurrection ability - my suggestion would be to allow Mmm to freely buy Extra Lives with the limitation Copy.

There was always a discrepancy between the level of Wealth given to Purulu and the text (which states that they are all Billionaires). I've given them Multimillionaire 3, which makes them Billionaires or better at TL 7 and above.

I had to redesign the races signature ability. This significantly increased the cost of the race, largely due to the Injury Tolerance and Possession advantages. However, the utility of the race is much better represented by the higher point cost.

Again, a redesign of the races signature ability was required. The Morph advantage comes out much more expensive than the 3e version, and again the utility better matches the races abilities.

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