Doctor! (IQ)
Diagnosis, Electronic Operation (Medical), First Aid, Physician, Pharmacy, Surgery, Veterinary

Pilot! (DX)
Pilot, Navigation (Air), Navigation (Space), Navigation (Hyperspace)

Driver! (DX)
Driving, Navigation (Land)

Seaman! (DX)
Shiphandling, Submarine, Navigation (Sea)

Bruiser! (DX)
Brawling, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Sumo-Wrestling, Wrestling

Schmoozer! (IQ)
Acting, Carousing, Connoisseur, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Public Speaking, Savoir-Faire (any appropriate), Sex Appeal, Streetwise

Artist! (IQ)
Artist, Makeup, Heraldry

Musician! (IQ)
Musical Composition, Musical Influence, Musical Instrument (any appropriate)

Grease Monkey! (IQ)
Armoury, Mechanic, Electronics Repair, Electrician

Thief! (DX)
Climbing, Filch, Forced Entry, Holdout, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Stealth

Knight! (DX)
Riding (Horse), Savoir-Faire (High Society), Shield, Broadsword, Lance, Two-Handed Sword

Outdoorsman! (IQ)
Survival, Naturalist, Tracking, Traps, Stealth

Spell College! (IQ) (by Captian-Captain)
Each Spell college is a separate Bang! skill, covering all spells within that college. For example Fire College!, Enchantment College!, or Healing College!

Engineering, Electronics Repair, Mathematics, Computer Operation, Computer Hacking, Computer Programming, Electronics Operation.

Acrobatics, Bicycling, Breath Control, Climbing, Diving Suit, Hiking, Jumping, Lifting, Parachuting, Running, Scuba, Skating, Skiing, Sports, Swimming.

Animal Ken!
Animal Handling, Falconry, Packing, Riding, Teamster, Veterinary

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