ST Thrust Swing   ST Thrust Swing
25 2d+2 5d-1 45 6d 9d
26 2d+2 5d 50 7d 10d
27 3d-1 5d+1 55 8d 11d
28 3d-1 5d+2 60 9d 12d
29 3d 6d-1 65 10d 13d
30 3d 6d 70 11d 14d
31 3d+1 6d 75 12d 15d
32 3d+2 6d+1 80 13d 16d
33 4d-1 6d+2 85 14d 17d
34 4d 7d-1 90 15d 18d
35 4d 7d 95 16d 19d
36 4d+1 7d 100 17d 20d
37 4d+2 7d+1 +5 +1d +1d
38 5d-1 7d+2 Formula (ST/5)
39 5d 8d-1
40 5d 8d

    Damage entries in italics are the same as in the chart on p. 16 of the Basic Set.

    I'm not sure how well I like this damage progression, but it does follow a little more logically from damage of ST 27-, and provides more bang for the buck with higher levels of ST.

Copyright 2004 by Eric B. Smith
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