INWO Cards


Type: Plot, Requires Action
Play this card immediately after an attack to control has been rolled. The attacker must reroll, at +5 or -5 (your choice). No other attempts at interference may be made unless it is with another Recount! or the player spends an Illuminati Action Token (in addition to any other costs of the interference). Only one Recount! reroll may be forced.

    The picture is "borrowed" from a 2000 political cartoon that's posted to the Cincinnati Posts website, the rules are all mine.

    Sidenote: All Recounts! affecting the same attack should be played at the same time, regardless who plays them. That is, if someone plays a Recount! you can't wait for the second roll and decide to play your own Recount! forcing a third roll.

This picture is "borrowed" from Lee

Type: Personality
Alignments: Violent, Fanatic
Attributes: Church, Secret (sometimes)
Power: 6/6
Resistance: 6
Control Arrows: In (B), Out (L, R)

When the Anti-Christ comes into play all Church Groups must remove all of their action tokens and place them on the Anti-Christ. He may save his actions. Each turn he gets one Action for each group he controls (if he controls no groups he gets no tokens). Any Church group has +10 to destroy him, but no Church group may make or participate in any Attack to Control him. He is only Secret if he controls no groups. He gives +4 on any Disaster or Assassination.

Some Things Are Best Kept Secret
Type: Plot
Picture: An elderly woman exposing herself.
When this Plot card becomes exposed you may immediately draw one Plot card. The player that exposed it must discard one unexposed Plot card from his hand, at random.
Each turn, at the beginning of your turn, if this card is exposed you may hide one of your exposed Plot cards (including this one).
You may not expose this card yourself.

Copyright 2004 by Eric B. Smith
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