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    Whenever possible all card scans are from the latest, and hopefully most error free, set. Any card with significant artwork differences has had all versions available scanned.

(T)errain - The Galactic Empires Card Museum
T1Apollo BodyUEC
T1Captured SatelliteUE/PEC
T1Energy MoonNEC
T1Expanding UniversePro4Crafts by Marion
T1Helix CrystalPro4Nick Sauer
T1Infiltrator SatellitePro3Anthony Medici
T1Lagrange PointGIV
T1Large AsteroidUE/PE/B/AC
T1Microscopic Black HolePirU
T1Moon - Tiny MoonGIV
T1Nagiridni Pirate OutpostPro6Anthony Medici
T1Planetary StormUEU
T1Small MoonUE/PE/B/AC
T1Small Moon - Hidden MoonPirU
T2Artificial SatelliteUEU
R/T2Asteroid ShieldUE/PoMR
T2Barren MoonGIU
R/T2Camouflage WorldPirV
T2Captured MoonNEC
T2Comet - Biruk's CometUE/PE/B/AC
T2Commerce MoonPEU
T2Dark MountainGIV
T2Dust BeltAFR
T2Forgotten PlanetPirU
T2Ionized Particle FieldUE/PEC
T2Moon - Garden MoonPro4Mint Card Co.
T2Moon - Populated MoonUEC
T2Oort CloudUEU
T2Parallel UniversePro4Crafts by Marion
T2Planet - Loopy's Parking GaragePro6Loopy
T2Planet Of Ill ReputePirU
T2Psy MoonPoMU
T2Small Moon - Corporate MoonPirU
T2Small Nebula - Kalin's Small Red NebulaPE/B/AC
T2Time EnclaveTGU
T3Agro MoonNEC
T3Alternate UniversePro4Crafts by Marion
T3Armory MoonUE/PEC
T3Asteroid - Explosive AsteroidPro6David Van Cleef
T3Asteroid Belt - Benakis Asteroid BeltUE/PE/B/AC
T3Blayok ProtostarNEC
T3Brown DwarfUEU
T3Comet - Medici's CometPro3Anthony Medici
T3Comet - Moore's CometPro4Mint Card Co.
T3Dog Pound - Custom Dog PoundPro3Wardogs
T3Dragon EggUEC
T3Dragon HoleUE/PEU
T3Ice MoonUEC
T3Ionized Particle FieldAFR
T3Minor Planet - Bosheegh Minor PlanetNEC
T3Moon - Dimensional MoonGIU
T3Moon - Espionage MoonPro4Gopin's Grenadiers Distributing
T3Moon - Treglean MoonGIU
T3Ore MoonPEC
T3ParadisePro4Mint Card Co.
T3Periodic Comet - Rom's CometUE/NEC
T3Pirate NebulaPirU
T3Planet - Crystal PlanetUEC
T3Planet - Custom JunkyardPro4Ted Peer
T3Planet - Custom Planet Gopin's Grenadiers DistributingPro3Gopin's Grenadiers Distributing
T3Planet - Custom Planet PastimesPro5Matt Corbett
T3Planet - Rubber Ball PlanetCCU
T3Planet - Sigry IIIUE/PEU
T3Repair MoonUEC
T3/7Satellite - Tranoan SatellitePro3Anthony Medici
T3Space VistaPro4Mint Card Co.
T3Star - Antimatter StarPro4Mint Card Co.
T3Vacation PlanetUE/NER
T4Comet - Out of Control CometCCU
T4Dark MountainGIV
T4Distant SunUEC
T4Forming SystemUEC
T4Gaia PlanetUER
T4Indig's CometAR
T4Moon - Gekonauak MoonGIV
T4/6Moon - Tranoan MoonPirU
T4Obelisk SystemNEC
T4Phillipo's Moon - Custom Phillipo's MoonPro4Harry Phillipo
T4Planet - Conquered PlanetGIV
T4Planet - Custom Art Supply DepotPro4Mint Card Co.
T4Planet - Custom Planet DOK'sPro3Days of Knights
T4Planet - Custom Planet Smuggler's WorldPro3Anthony Medici
T4Planet - MuckstraPirU
T4Planet - NrutasPirU
T4Planet - Planet of the Chaos LordsPro4Chaos Lords
T4Planet - Podekkur PrimeUE/PEC
T4Planet - Vektrea MinorPerU
T4Planet - Visonic HomeworldPoMR
T4Planetary DebrisAFR
T4Rock LobsterCCU
T4Small Moon - Aldibrik Munitions PlantUE/PE/B/AR
T4Small Planet - Bolaar IVUE/PE/B/AU
T4Small Planet - Reactionary WorldPro4Dan Gosselin
T4Small Planet - Siobhan-7PEC
T4Small System - Rabuff LocttoorUE/PEC
T4Supernova RemnantUEU
T4Vacation Planet - Vacation Planet Golf WorldGIU
T4White DwarfPro1Companion Games Sponsered Events
T5Aesthetic TwinPro4Mint Card Co.
T5Asteroid - Repair AsteroidPerV
T5Dependency WorldUE/NER
T5Dragon CaveUE/PER
T5Dragon Nest - Ancient Dragon NestPro6Elmer Lyons
T5Dragon SunPerU
T5Event HorizonAFR
T5Filarian Breeding GroundPro3Anthony Medici
T5Hedge MazePro4Mint Card Co.
T5Moon - Storage MoonPirU
T5Nebula - Homecloud NebulaUE/PE/B/AV
T5Network RepeaterPro3Dan St. Jean
T5Neutron StarAFR
T5Pirate SystemUE/NER
T5Planet - AtollPirU
T5Planet - Candor IIUE/PE/B/AU
T5Planet - Custom Military ReservationPro4Gerry Smit
T5Planet - Custom Planet JenkintownPro3Jenkintown Hobby Center Inc.
T5Planet - Custom Planet PatricePro3Cards Un-LTD
T5Planet - Custom Planet PBM Express (1/2)Pro3PBM Express Logo
T5Planet - Custom Planet PBM Express (2/2)Pro3PBM Express Dragon
T5Planet - Custom Planet Primal PlanetPro3Anthony Medici
T5Planet - EarthCCU
T5Planet - Galactic Trade WorldPro3Dan Gosselin
T5Planet - JnaphahrPEU
T5Planet - Mime HomeworldCCU
T5Planet - ParadisePro0Global Rating Service
T5Planet - Psycanti PlanetesimalPoMR
T5Planet - Vektrea PrimeUE/PE/B/AR
T5Planet - Zambarez PlanetUE/NEU
T5Planet - ZDI Random ColonyGIV
T5Ring SystemUER
T5Small Planet - Planet GovesseraPoMV
T5Small System - Hcsuar-Drahcir SystemUE/PEC
T5Small System - The Cramannerak SystemUE/PE/B/AU
T5Storm WorldPro3?????
T5SurrealiaPro4Mint Card Co.
T5System - Custom JunkyardPro5Ted Peer
T5System - Custom System Mad Jack's HolePro3Anthony Medici
T5System - Mannstein SystemPro6George H. Stewart
T5System - Moon SystemPirU
T5System - Penteir SystemUE/NER
T5Twin MoonsAFR
T5Twin Planets - Verkirsh I & IIUE/PER
T6Asteroid FieldUE/PE/B/AR
T6Binary StarAFR
T6Black HoleUE/PE/B/AR
T6Comet - Sochess CometUE/PE/BR
T6Death WorldPro0RAK Graphics
T6Dragon Eggs - Dragon Eggs In OrbitPirV
T6Dragon LairPro3Anthony Medici
T6Filarian Moon - Infested MoonPerV
T6Globular ClusterUER
T6In Phase WorldCCU
T6Moon - Oversized MoonPirU
T6Nebula - Dragon NebulaPirV
T6Nebula - Orion NebulaGIU
T6New AlbionPro3S&A Games
T6Out of Phase WorldTGR
T6Phillipo's World - Custom Phillipo's WorldPro3Harry Phillipo
T6Pirate's HordePirV
T6Planet - Bolaar IIPirV
T6Planet - Command CentralPro3Anthony Medici
T6Planet - Custom Planet KatrynPro3Cards Un-LTD
T6Planet - Custom Planet Pastime PlanetPro4Pasttimes
T6Planet - Forsaken PlanetPro3Anthony Medici
T6Planet - Garbage PlanetCCU
T6Planet - Lexis PrimePro4Anthony Medici
T6Planet - Nagir XIIPerU
T6Planet - Shrouded PlanetPirV
T6Planet - Treglean OutpostGIU
T6Planet - Virgin PlanetPirV
T6Planet - Vorn Ringed Gas GiantUE/PE/B/AV/V/V/R
T6Star Cluster - Omega CentauriAFR
T6Sun - Craft SiteGIV
T6System - Custom System Scholar's RetreatPro3Anthony Medici
T6System - Femerazi SystemNEU
T6System - Gorgochok SystemUE/PEV
T6System - Indirigan Former HomeworldPirV
T6Time EnclaveTGR
T6WebsitePro4Ted Peer
T7Asteroid - Massive AsteroidAFR
T7Comet - Scorpead Comet of LoreUE/NEV
T7Dragon LairPirV
T7Dragon Nest - Eon Dragon NestPro6Elmer Lyons
T7Free Trade ZonePerU
T7Moon - Scorpead Dominated MoonPerV
T7Nebula - Leopan NebulaPirV
T7Nebula - Lobster NebulaCCU
T7Phillipovis - Custom Star PhillipovisPro5Harry Phillipo
T7Pirate AlcovePirV
T7Planet - Custom Planet Aviary (1/2)Pro3Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies
T7Planet - Custom Planet Aviary (2/2)Pro5Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies
T7Planet - Custom Planet Devastated WorldPro4Mint Card Co.
T7Planet - Custom Planet JozefPro3Cards Un-LTD
T7Planet - Custom Planet Museum WorldPro4Mint Card Co.
T7Planet - Custom Planet PastimesPro5Pasttimes
T7Planet - Custom Planet Personal WorldPro3Anthony Medici
T7Planet - Gekonauak OutpostGIV
T7Planet - Krebiz HomelandPerV
T7Planet - KrebizarUE/PEV
T7Planet - Shon-ti Swarm HomegroundAFR
T7/3Planet - Tranoan HomeworldPirV
T7Planet - Trochilidae HomeworldAFR
T7Planet - Water WorldPirV
T7Planet - Zedan Regional ColonyPerV
T7Planetoid - Argonian Fighter PlanetoidPerV
T7Quantum Black HoleUEC
T7Sensor PlanetUE/NEV
T7Star - Red Giant StarPro3Anthony Medici
T7System - ArgoUE/PE/B/AV
T7System - Clydon SystemPerV
T7System - Custom System Collectors System (1/2)Pro3Cards4U Inc.
T7System - Custom System Collectors System (2/2)Pro4Cards4U Inc.
T7System - Custom System Smuggler's HavenPro3Anthony Medici
T7System - Fantasy SystemPro3Anthony Medici
T7System - Vektrea SystemPerV
T7Undiscovered SystemUE/PoMV
T8Asteroid FieldPro3Anthony Medici
T8Dragon LairUE/PEV
T8Planet - Council of Six
T8Planet - Custom Planet ChronosPro3Cards Un-LTD
T8Planet - Custom Planet Neal FeldmanPro3Neal Feldman
T8Planet - Custom Planet Paranoid PlanetPro3Anthony Medici
T8Planet - Leopan Operations PlanetPerV
T8Planet - Massive Ore PlanetPirV
T8Planet - P.O.T. Element CapitalPerV
T8Planet - Salt Water WorldCCU
T8Planet Turrel V - Infected WorldPro6Gerry Smit
T8Plasmatic NebulaUE/NEV
T8Refuge - Aqaaran Aquatic RefugePerV
T8System - Aesthetic Marine Recruit DepotPro6RMRWXZBD
T8System - Bolaar Covert SystemPerV
T8System - Custom System GarshainPro6George H. Stewart
T8System - Custom System NeumanniaPro3Anthony Medici
T8System - Mechad SystemUE/PEV
T8System - The Scandig SystemUE/PE/B/AV
T8System - Tufor SystemPerV
T8Trinary System - Psyvis SystemPoMV
T9Dragon LairUE/PEV
T9Erodi Destabilized ZoneAFR
T9Gas Giant - Blookerak Gas GiantUE/NEV
T9Nebula - Tarra'ki Homecloud ExpanseAFR
T9Pakta'don Plasmatic CloudAFR
T9Planet - Corporate HomeworldUE/PEV
T9Planet - Custom Planet Gor's PlanetPro4Darry Jennings
T9Planet - Custom Planet Unstable PlanetPro3Anthony Medici
T9Planet - J'xar Transgalactic GatePerV
T9Planet - Mechad Planet - ArretiaPerV
T9Star - Massive Red GiantPro4Mint Card Co.
T9System - Corporate SystemPerV
T9System - Custom System Spy CentralPro3Anthony Medici
T9System - Custom System VinciennesPro3Cards Un-LTD
T10Clydon Super-Massive PlanetNES
T10Custom System Angel's TreasurePro3Anthony Medici
T10Intergalactic VoidUES
T10StefaniaPro3Cards Un-LTD
T10Super-Massive StarPES
T10System - Mayfair System Galaxy Express 999Pro3Mayfare Games Inc.

T1 - Apollo Body Set:UE Rarity:C T1 - Captured Satellite Set:UE/PE Rarity:C T1 - Energy Moon Set:NE Rarity:C T1 - Expanding Universe Set:Pro4 Rarity:Crafts by Marion T1 - Helix Crystal Set:Pro4 Rarity:Nick Sauer T1 - Infiltrator Satellite Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T1 - Lagrange Point Set:GI Rarity:V T1 - Large Asteroid Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:C T1 - Microscopic Black Hole Set:Pir Rarity:U T1 - Moon - Tiny Moon Set:GI Rarity:V T1 - Nagiridni Pirate Outpost Set:Pro6 Rarity:Anthony Medici T1 - Planetary Storm Set:UE Rarity:U T1 - Small Moon Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:C T1 - Small Moon - Hidden Moon Set:Pir Rarity:U
T2 - Artificial Satellite Set:UE Rarity:U R/T2 - Asteroid Shield Set:UE/PoM Rarity:R R/T2 - Asteroids Set:Pir Rarity:U T2 - Barren Moon Set:GI Rarity:U R/T2 - Camouflage World Set:Pir Rarity:V T2 - Captured Moon Set:NE Rarity:C T2 - Comet - Biruk's Comet Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:C T2 - Commerce Moon Set:PE Rarity:U T2 - Dark Mountain Set:GI Rarity:V T2 - Dust Belt Set:AF Rarity:R T2 - Forgotten Planet Set:Pir Rarity:U T2 - Ionized Particle Field Set:UE/PE Rarity:C T2 - Moon - Garden Moon Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T2 - Moon - Populated Moon Set:UE Rarity:C T2 - Oort Cloud Set:UE Rarity:U T2 - Parallel Universe Set:Pro4 Rarity:Crafts by Marion T2 - Planet - Loopy's Parking Garage Set:Pro6 Rarity:Loopy T2 - Planet Of Ill Repute Set:Pir Rarity:U T2 - Psy Moon Set:PoM Rarity:U T2 - Small Moon - Corporate Moon Set:Pir Rarity:U T2 - Small Nebula - Kalin's Small Red Nebula Set:PE/B/A Rarity:C T2 - Star Set:Pir Rarity:U T2 - Time Enclave Set:TG Rarity:U
T3 - Agro Moon Set:NE Rarity:C T3 - Alternate Universe Set:Pro4 Rarity:Crafts by Marion T3 - Armory Moon Set:UE/PE Rarity:C T3 - Asteroid - Explosive Asteroid Set:Pro6 Rarity:David Van Cleef T3 - Asteroid Belt - Benakis Asteroid Belt Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:C T3 - Blayok Protostar Set:NE Rarity:C T3 - Brown Dwarf Set:UE Rarity:U T3 - Comet - Medici's Comet Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T3 - Comet - Moore's Comet Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T3 - Dog Pound - Custom Dog Pound Set:Pro3 Rarity:Wardogs T3 - Dragon Egg Set:UE Rarity:C T3 - Dragon Hole Set:UE/PE Rarity:U T3 - Ice Moon Set:UE Rarity:C T3 - Ionized Particle Field Set:AF Rarity:R T3 - Minor Planet - Bosheegh Minor Planet Set:NE Rarity:C T3 - Moon - Dimensional Moon Set:GI Rarity:U T3 - Moon - Espionage Moon Set:Pro4 Rarity:Gopin's Grenadiers Distributing T3 - Moon - Treglean Moon Set:GI Rarity:U T3 - Moon (PE) Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:C T3 - Moon (UE) Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:C T3 - Ore Moon Set:PE Rarity:C T3 - Paradise Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T3 - Periodic Comet - Rom's Comet Set:UE/NE Rarity:C T3 - Pirate Nebula Set:Pir Rarity:U T3 - Planet - Crystal Planet Set:UE Rarity:C T3 - Planet - Custom Junkyard Set:Pro4 Rarity:Ted Peer T3 - Planet - Custom Planet Gopin's Grenadiers Distributing Set:Pro3 Rarity:Gopin's Grenadiers Distributing T3 - Planet - Custom Planet Pastimes Set:Pro5 Rarity:Matt Corbett T3 - Planet - Rubber Ball Planet Set:CC Rarity:U T3 - Planet - Sigry III Set:UE/PE Rarity:U T3 - Protostar Set:UE Rarity:C T3 - Repair Moon Set:UE Rarity:C T3/7 - Satellite - Tranoan Satellite Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T3 - Space Vista Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T3 - Star - Antimatter Star Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T3 - Vacation Planet Set:UE/NE Rarity:R
T4 - Comet - Out of Control Comet Set:CC Rarity:U T4 - Dark Mountain Set:GI Rarity:V T4 - Distant Sun Set:UE Rarity:C T4 - Forming System Set:UE Rarity:C T4 - Gaia Planet Set:UE Rarity:R T4 - Indig's Comet Set:A Rarity:R T4 - Moon - Gekonauak Moon Set:GI Rarity:V T4/6 - Moon - Tranoan Moon Set:Pir Rarity:U T4 - Obelisk System Set:NE Rarity:C T4 - Phillipo's Moon - Custom Phillipo's Moon Set:Pro4 Rarity:Harry Phillipo T4 - Planet - Conquered Planet Set:GI Rarity:V T4 - Planet - Custom Art Supply Depot Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T4 - Planet - Custom Planet DOK's Set:Pro3 Rarity:Days of Knights T4 - Planet - Custom Planet Smuggler's World Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T4 - Planet - Muckstra Set:Pir Rarity:U T4 - Planet - Nrutas Set:Pir Rarity:U T4 - Planet - Planet of the Chaos Lords Set:Pro4 Rarity:Chaos Lords T4 - Planet - Podekkur Prime Set:UE/PE Rarity:C T4 - Planet - Vektrea Minor Set:Per Rarity:U T4 - Planet - Visonic Homeworld Set:PoM Rarity:R T4 - Planetary Debris Set:AF Rarity:R T4 - Rock Lobster Set:CC Rarity:U T4 - Small Moon - Aldibrik Munitions Plant Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:R T4 - Small Planet - Bolaar IV Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:U T4 - Small Planet - Reactionary World Set:Pro4 Rarity:Dan Gosselin T4 - Small Planet - Siobhan-7 Set:PE Rarity:C T4 - Small System - Rabuff Locttoor Set:UE/PE Rarity:C T4 - Supernova Remnant Set:UE Rarity:U T4 - Vacation Planet - Vacation Planet Golf World Set:GI Rarity:U T4 - White Dwarf Set:Pro1 Rarity:Companion Games Sponsered Events
T5 - Aesthetic Twin Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T5 - Asteroid - Repair Asteroid Set:Per Rarity:V T5 - Dependency World Set:UE/NE Rarity:R T5 - Dragon Cave Set:UE/PE Rarity:R T5 - Dragon Nest - Ancient Dragon Nest Set:Pro6 Rarity:Elmer Lyons T5 - Dragon Sun Set:Per Rarity:U T5 - Event Horizon Set:AF Rarity:R T5 - Filarian Breeding Ground Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T5 - Globule Set:GI Rarity:V T5 - Hedge Maze Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T5 - Moon - Storage Moon Set:Pir Rarity:U T5 - Nebula - Homecloud Nebula Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:V T5 - Network Repeater Set:Pro3 Rarity:Dan St. Jean T5 - Neutron Star Set:AF Rarity:R T5 - Pirate System Set:UE/NE Rarity:R T5 - Planet - Atoll Set:Pir Rarity:U T5 - Planet - Candor II Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:U T5 - Planet - Custom Military Reservation Set:Pro4 Rarity:Gerry Smit T5 - Planet - Custom Planet Jenkintown Set:Pro3 Rarity:Jenkintown Hobby Center Inc. T5 - Planet - Custom Planet Patrice Set:Pro3 Rarity:Cards Un-LTD T5 - Planet - Custom Planet PBM Express (1/2) Set:Pro3 Rarity:PBM Express Logo T5 - Planet - Custom Planet PBM Express (2/2) Set:Pro3 Rarity:PBM Express Dragon T5 - Planet - Custom Planet Primal Planet Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T5 - Planet - Earth Set:CC Rarity:U T5 - Planet - Galactic Trade World Set:Pro3 Rarity:Dan Gosselin T5 - Planet - Jnaphahr Set:PE Rarity:U T5 - Planet - Mime Homeworld Set:CC Rarity:U T5 - Planet - Paradise Set:Pro0 Rarity:Global Rating Service T5 - Planet - Psycanti Planetesimal Set:PoM Rarity:R T5 - Planet - Vektrea Prime Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:R T5 - Planet - Zambarez Planet Set:UE/NE Rarity:U T5 - Planet - ZDI Random Colony Set:GI Rarity:V T5 - Ring System Set:UE Rarity:R T5 - Small Planet - Planet Govessera Set:PoM Rarity:V T5 - Small System - Hcsuar-Drahcir System Set:UE/PE Rarity:C T5 - Small System - The Cramannerak System Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:U T5 - Star Set:UE/PE Rarity:R T5 - Storm World Set:Pro3 Rarity:????? T5 - Surrealia Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T5 - System - Custom Junkyard Set:Pro5 Rarity:Ted Peer T5 - System - Custom System Mad Jack's Hole Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T5 - System - Mannstein System Set:Pro6 Rarity:George H. Stewart T5 - System - Moon System Set:Pir Rarity:U T5 - System - Penteir System Set:UE/NE Rarity:R T5 - Twin Moons Set:AF Rarity:R T5 - Twin Planets - Verkirsh I & II Set:UE/PE Rarity:R
T6 - Asteroid Field Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:R T6 - Binary Star Set:AF Rarity:R T6 - Black Hole Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:R T6 - Comet - Sochess Comet Set:UE/PE/B Rarity:R T6 - Death World Set:Pro0 Rarity:RAK Graphics T6 - Dragon Eggs - Dragon Eggs In Orbit Set:Pir Rarity:V T6 - Dragon Lair Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T6 - Filarian Moon - Infested Moon Set:Per Rarity:V T6 - Globular Cluster Set:UE Rarity:R T6 - In Phase World Set:CC Rarity:U T6 - Moon - Oversized Moon Set:Pir Rarity:U T6 - Nebula - Dragon Nebula Set:Pir Rarity:V T6 - Nebula - Orion Nebula Set:GI Rarity:U T6 - New Albion Set:Pro3 Rarity:S&A Games T6 - Out of Phase World Set:TG Rarity:R T6 - Phillipo's World - Custom Phillipo's World Set:Pro3 Rarity:Harry Phillipo T6 - Pirate's Horde Set:Pir Rarity:V T6 - Planet - Bolaar II Set:Pir Rarity:V T6 - Planet - Command Central Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T6 - Planet - Custom Planet Katryn Set:Pro3 Rarity:Cards Un-LTD T6 - Planet - Custom Planet Pastime Planet Set:Pro4 Rarity:Pasttimes T6 - Planet - Forsaken Planet Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T6 - Planet - Garbage Planet Set:CC Rarity:U T6 - Planet - Lexis Prime Set:Pro4 Rarity:Anthony Medici T6 - Planet - Nagir XII Set:Per Rarity:U T6 - Planet - Shrouded Planet Set:Pir Rarity:V T6 - Planet - Treglean Outpost Set:GI Rarity:U T6 - Planet - Virgin Planet Set:Pir Rarity:V T6 - Planet - Vorn Ringed Gas Giant Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:V/V/V/R T6 - Star Cluster - Omega Centauri Set:AF Rarity:R T6 - Sun - Craft Site Set:GI Rarity:V T6 - System - Custom System Scholar's Retreat Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T6 - System - Femerazi System Set:NE Rarity:U T6 - System - Gorgochok System Set:UE/PE Rarity:V T6 - System - Indirigan Former Homeworld Set:Pir Rarity:V T6 - Time Enclave Set:TG Rarity:R T6 - Website Set:Pro4 Rarity:Ted Peer
T7 - Asteroid - Massive Asteroid Set:AF Rarity:R T7 - Comet - Scorpead Comet of Lore Set:UE/NE Rarity:V T7 - Dragon Lair Set:Pir Rarity:V T7 - Dragon Nest - Eon Dragon Nest Set:Pro6 Rarity:Elmer Lyons T7 - Free Trade Zone Set:Per Rarity:U T7 - Moon - Scorpead Dominated Moon Set:Per Rarity:V T7 - Nebula - Leopan Nebula Set:Pir Rarity:V T7 - Nebula - Lobster Nebula Set:CC Rarity:U T7 - Phillipovis - Custom Star Phillipovis Set:Pro5 Rarity:Harry Phillipo T7 - Pirate Alcove Set:Pir Rarity:V T7 - Planet - Custom Planet Aviary (1/2) Set:Pro3 Rarity:Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies T7 - Planet - Custom Planet Aviary (2/2) Set:Pro5 Rarity:Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies T7 - Planet - Custom Planet Devastated World Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T7 - Planet - Custom Planet Jozef Set:Pro3 Rarity:Cards Un-LTD T7 - Planet - Custom Planet Museum World Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T7 - Planet - Custom Planet Pastimes Set:Pro5 Rarity:Pasttimes T7 - Planet - Custom Planet Personal World Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T7 - Planet - Gekonauak Outpost Set:GI Rarity:V T7 - Planet - Krebiz Homeland Set:Per Rarity:V T7 - Planet - Krebizar Set:UE/PE Rarity:V T7 - Planet - Shon-ti Swarm Homeground Set:AF Rarity:R T7/3 - Planet - Tranoan Homeworld Set:Pir Rarity:V T7 - Planet - Trochilidae Homeworld Set:AF Rarity:R T7 - Planet - Water World Set:Pir Rarity:V T7 - Planet - Zedan Regional Colony Set:Per Rarity:V T7 - Planetoid - Argonian Fighter Planetoid Set:Per Rarity:V T7 - Quantum Black Hole Set:UE Rarity:C T7 - Sensor Planet Set:UE/NE Rarity:V T7 - Star - Red Giant Star Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T7 - System - Argo Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:V T7 - System - Clydon System Set:Per Rarity:V T7 - System - Custom System Collectors System (1/2) Set:Pro3 Rarity:Cards4U Inc. T7 - System - Custom System Collectors System (2/2) Set:Pro4 Rarity:Cards4U Inc. T7 - System - Custom System Smuggler's Haven Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T7 - System - Fantasy System Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T7 - System - Vektrea System Set:Per Rarity:V T7 - Undiscovered System Set:UE/PoM Rarity:V
T8 - 8-Ball Set:CC Rarity:U T8 - Asteroid Field Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T8 - Dragon Lair Set:UE/PE Rarity:V T8 - Planet - Council of Six Homeworld Set:Pro6 T8 - Planet - Custom Planet Chronos Set:Pro3 Rarity:Cards Un-LTD T8 - Planet - Custom Planet Neal Feldman Set:Pro3 Rarity:Neal Feldman T8 - Planet - Custom Planet Paranoid Planet Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T8 - Planet - Leopan Operations Planet Set:Per Rarity:V T8 - Planet - Massive Ore Planet Set:Pir Rarity:V T8 - Planet - P.O.T. Element Capital Set:Per Rarity:V T8 - Planet - Salt Water World Set:CC Rarity:U T8 - Planet Turrel V - Infected World Set:Pro6 Rarity:Gerry Smit T8 - Plasmatic Nebula Set:UE/NE Rarity:V T8 - Refuge - Aqaaran Aquatic Refuge Set:Per Rarity:V T8 - System - Aesthetic Marine Recruit Depot Set:Pro6 Rarity:RMRWXZBD T8 - System - Bolaar Covert System Set:Per Rarity:V T8 - System - Custom System Garshain Set:Pro6 Rarity:George H. Stewart T8 - System - Custom System Neumannia Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T8 - System - Mechad System Set:UE/PE Rarity:V T8 - System - The Scandig System Set:UE/PE/B/A Rarity:V T8 - System - Tufor System Set:Per Rarity:V T8 - Trinary System - Psyvis System Set:PoM Rarity:V
T9 - Dragon Lair Set:UE/PE Rarity:V T9 - Erodi Destabilized Zone Set:AF Rarity:R T9 - Gas Giant - Blookerak Gas Giant Set:UE/NE Rarity:V T9 - Nebula - Tarra'ki Homecloud Expanse Set:AF Rarity:R T9 - Pakta'don Plasmatic Cloud Set:AF Rarity:R T9 - Planet - Corporate Homeworld Set:UE/PE Rarity:V T9 - Planet - Custom Planet Gor's Planet Set:Pro4 Rarity:Darry Jennings T9 - Planet - Custom Planet Unstable Planet Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T9 - Planet - J'xar Transgalactic Gate Set:Per Rarity:V T9 - Planet - Mechad Planet - Arretia Set:Per Rarity:V T9 - Shinnicera Set:Pir Rarity:V T9 - Star - Massive Red Giant Set:Pro4 Rarity:Mint Card Co. T9 - System - Corporate System Set:Per Rarity:V T9 - System - Custom System Spy Central Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T9 - System - Custom System Vinciennes Set:Pro3 Rarity:Cards Un-LTD
T10 - Clydon Super-Massive Planet Set:NE Rarity:S T10 - Custom System Angel's Treasure Set:Pro3 Rarity:Anthony Medici T10 - Intergalactic Void Set:UE Rarity:S T10 - Stefania Set:Pro3 Rarity:Cards Un-LTD T10 - Super-Massive Star Set:PE Rarity:S T10 - System - Mayfair System Galaxy Express 999 Set:Pro3 Rarity:Mayfare Games Inc.

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