Galactic Empires Card Errata

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Each card indicates where it may be found using initials within parenthesis after the card's name. The entry before the slash is the outdated version of the card. Initials after a slash are where the changed version is found. Keep in mind, the older cards may be used and function as if they were the most recently printed version of the card.

PE=Primary Edition, NE=New Empires, PoM=Powers of the Mind, TG=Time Gates, UE=Universe Edition, nc=not corrected.

A6 Filarian Infester (PoM/nc):
Multiple infesters may combine their strength against a single crew. May only be used in a Filarian deck.

R/A7 Cyborg Death (NE/nc):
The card is discarded after use.

R/E2 Transporter - Nuclear Mine (PE/nc) <misprint>:
This card says 'R/E2 Transporter' along the top and 'Nuclear Mine' above the card text. It is considered an exactly identical card to the E2 Nuclear Mine and is not reactionary.

R/E4 Transporter Mine (UE/NE):
The transporter mine requires a transporter to be activated against a ship, causing 2 points of damage (not 1 as stated in the text of the Universe Edition printing of the card).
Editor's Note: This error was made in Universe Edition and corrected in New Empires. We currently blame all such temporal anomalies on the Time Gates expansion.

F4 Terrain Field (PoM/nc) <clarification>:
The level 10 function destroys any terrain of equal or lesser strength than the function (i.e., strength 10 or less). It does not apply card damage. It either destroys the terrain or it does nothing.

H9 Dimensional Portal (PE/UE):
It must be played against an engaged ship. The ship remains engaged while in the portal. The ship stack may not affect or be affected by any fleet. The ship stack may not protect a Sector HQ or Psy Network. The ship does not require a command slot.

R/L3 Unlucky Targeting (PE/UE):
Played against an opponent volley. Weapons volley is divided by 2.

R/L8 Targeting Error (PE/UE):
Targeting Error states that you can redirect an opponent volley to any target in that opponent's fleet except cards which fired in that volley. Cards which fire weapons in a volley do not protect their Sector HQ or Psy Network from that volley. If a target is chosen that all participants in the volley cannot target, then the weapons fire from those participants incapable of firing becomes voided.

R/L8 Twist of Fate (TG/UE):
May only be played against an opponent's card that is not the basis of a stack.

M2 Skullets (NE, UE/nc) <clarification>:
Skullets damage units (ships or bases). They are either played against a unit or played to a skull reaper and activated against a unit.

M3 Scandig Blob (NE, UE/nc) <clarification>:
Any monster destroyed by hazard damage may be damaged by any hazard that causes damage. Damage causing hazards that are played to other locations may be played to a Scandig Blob (or other monster damaged by hazards) to cause damage. Hazards, such as an H6 Large Minefield, may have their damage applied to such monsters, even though they say that it is only applied to cards of another type.

M3 Shield Fiend (PE/UE):
The shield fiend may be played on any card except a ship with an invinco guardian or EMF. Therefore it may affect any base, installation, terrain or monster equipped with shields (such as an M8 Ship Collector).

M5 Astromorph (PE/UE):
The astromorph is played against a fleet. It damages a ship each turn until that ship is destroyed. It may then attack another ship.

M5 Tectonic Burrower (NE, UE/nc):
This card causes the damage to the terrain against which it is played. This was accidentally omitted from the card. Errata is necessary because only cards which state they can damage terrain may cause damage to terrain.

M8 Ship Collector (PE/UE):
The Ship Collector is now a persona. The previous errata about needing seven opponent ships in play is no longer in effect.

R/M9 Luck Demon (PE/UE):
Any luck card played by a player to their own fleet may instead be played by the player controlling the R/M9 Luck Demon if they posess the most recently played Luck Demon in play. Also, luck cards played against a fleet with an R/M9 Luck Demon in play are ignored (discarded) unless the Luck Demon's controller wants to allow the card to be played. This second function works regardless of whether or not the luck demon has "most recently played" status.

R/O3 Defensive Electronic Warfare (PE/UE):
All electronic warfare may now be played to a ship or base.

O3 Forced Retreat (PE/nc):
Discarded after use.

R/O3 Instant Reaction (TG/UE):
Instant reaction may only be played once during each opponent phase. Also the phrase "Allows that card to react as if it were just played in reaction mode from the hand to any location" only states how the card reacts and that the card may be moved to any location. The card does not enter the player's hand (the card states "as if"). Any damage applied to the card is not removed. Any duration on the card is not reset.

R/O3 Offensive Electronic Warfare (PE/UE):
All electronic warfare may now be played to a ship or base.

R/O3 Offensive/Defensive Electronic Warfare (PE/UE/nc):
All electronic warfare may now be played to a ship or base. This card shows a -X or +X where it should read -X and +X.

O4 Information Leak (PE/UE):
Discarded after use.

R/O4 Repair Delivery (PE/UE):
A repair delivery is played to a location in the fleet. The repair points may be applied to ships, bases, terrain or the Sector HQ. It can be used to repair previous or currently occurring damage (preventing the damage from being scored). It may not repair card damage. See next entry for UE errata.

R/O4 Repair Delivery (UE/PE): Discarded after use.
Editor's Note: See the editor's note on the R/E4 Transporter Mine regarding pre-corrected cards.

O5 Forced Retreat (PE/nc):
Discarded after use.

O5 Insanity (PE/UE):
Insanity allows the controller of the insanity to dictate the actions of the crew. It now states that the crew may perform normally or perform the opposite of the following functions: point generation, point modification, card plays or card draws (modifications to the amount). Point generation/modification can be resource points, damage points, command points, etc.

O5 Wandering Desire (PE/nc):
Discarded after use. Negated by a crew card of a strength greater than the strength of the wandering desire (6, not 4).

S4 Erodi Light War Cruiser, S7 Erodi Battleship (AF): Two of the many text errors in the Allied Forces expansion, no official errata was ever released. The S4 should probably have had 2 Phasers, the S7 3 Phasers.

R/T2 Asteroid Shield (PoM/UE):
The asteroid shield now states that it may not be the basis of a stack. This means that cards may not be played to or against it. The asteroid shield prevents the ship from receiving damage (except direct structural damage).

T/B Vektrean Asteroid Terrain (PE/UE):
All of the Vektrean asteroid terrain use the following rules. Vektrean asteroid terrain are played and damaged as terrain, but are considered bases for all other purposes.

T6 Out of Phase World (TG/nc):
When the out of phase world is out of phase, the terrain stack is considered removed from play.