Table Of Contents

Introduction To The Game

Introduction To Background

Introduction To Game Mechanics

Crucial Rules

Starter Deck

Card Nomenclature
Card Type
Card Strength
Point Requirements
Card Title
Generated Points
Shields_/ Nodes_/ Armor Systems
Fleet Modifier Points
Card Modifier Points
Card Rules
Weapon Symbols
Card Diagram
Play Area Diagram

Pregame Setup

The Sector HQ Card

Deck Construction
Announce Deck Empire
Stocking The Deck
Number of Cards and Type
Using Major Empire Cards
Using Minor Empire Cards

Reserve Fleet
Creating The Reserve Fleet
Using The Reserve Fleet
Reserve Fleet Restrictions

Getting Started_/ Ante

How To Win

Beginning Play

Turn Definitions

Player Turn Sequence
1 - Point Allocation Phase
Record Keeping Step
Ship Movement
2 - Engagement Phase
3 - Play Cards Phase A
4 - Weapons Fire Phase
Standard Targets
Fleet Targeted Weapons
Weapons Volley
5 - Play Cards Phase B
6 - Discard Cards Phase
7 - Draw Cards Phase

Cards Have Rules

Different Versions Of The Same Card

Restrictions On Card Play, Turns 1/2

Position Of Cards Played

Effects Of Being Disengaged

Card Locations

Two Of The Same Card At The Same Location

There-and-Back Mission Rules

How Long Cards Remain In Play

Discard Pile

Limit On Card Actions

Playing Reaction Cards

Command Limits, Command Slots and Command Points
Minor Empire Command Rating Bonus


Playing On Yourself_/ Opponent


Applying Weapons Damage To Targets

Keeping Track Of Damage

Unresolved Interactions

Explanation Of Kinds Of Points
Resource Points
Repair_/ Healing
Other Kinds Of Points
Armor System Indicator
Heavy Weapon

Types Of Cards
(A)bility Cards
(B)ase Cards
(C)rew Cards
(D)ragon Cards
(E)quipment Cards
(F)ield Cards
A(G)enda Cards
(H)azard Cards
(I)nstallation Cards
(L)uck Cards
(M)onster Cards
A(N)cient Cards
(O)ccurrence Cards
(P)sy Cards
Head(Q)uarter Cards
(S)hip Cards
(T)errain Cards

Special Ship Systems
Armor System
Auxiliary Shields
Drone Special Ship Systems
Deflector Grid
Tractor Beams
Command Encryption
Electronic Warfare System
Electromagnetic Field (EMF)
Ion & Nova Cannons
Maneuvering System
Maneuvering Thrusters
Mine Deployment System

GenerGeneral Weapon Rules
Non-Heavy Weapons
(Phasers, Subspace Whips, Seltzer Cannons, Physical Damage, Time Damage Generator, & Cyber Damage)
Phaser Magnifier
Psy Damage
Pulse Phaser
Time Damage
Time Phaser
Standard Heavy Weapons
(Antimatter Pellet, Bi-tritium Boomerang, Breath Weapon, Ectoplasmic Trail, Energy Flux, Hypertrail Seeker, Neutronium Torpedo, Plasma Degenerator, Plasma Stream, Sabot, Thunderbolt Devastator, & Tram)
Non-Standard Heavy Weapons
Aesthetic Weapons
Damage Adjuster
Deck Wrecker
Distortion Cannon
Detonium Bolts
Gravidic Distorter
Hand Wrecker
Hyperspace Detonator
Positron Emitter
Shield Penetration Device
Specialized Weapon Mount
Tarrac Projector
Time Breath
Variable Plasma

Major Empires
Argonian First Republic
Clydon Empire
Comedy Club Network
Corporate Aggressors
Filarian Infesters
Krebiz Capitalist Alliance
Leopan Conquistadors
Mechad Holdfast
Plasma Occupied Territory (P.O.T.)
Psy Empires
Scorpead Dominion
Tufor Protectorate
Zedan Defensive Initiative

Minor Empires
Aesthetic Empire
Bolaar Pirates
Collector Empire
Corporate Pirates
Indirigan Nomads
Andromeda Bound
Grand Chieftain's Touring Fleet 
Invincible Loner
Lone Wolf
Nagiridni Pirates
Vacaters of Bolaar V
Vicious Six
Space Dragons
Time Knights
Tranoan Empire
Vektrean Mercenaries

Allied Empires
Drone (Allied - Mechad)
Erodi (Allied - Tufor)
Pakta'don (Allied - P.O.T.)
Paraloid (Allied - Clydon)
Shon-ti (Allied - Zedan)
Tarra'ki (Allied - Argonian)
Trochilidae (Allied - Leopan)

Special Playing Structures

Card Class
Aesthetic & Collector Class Rules
Allied Class Rules
Attrition Class Rules
Conjectural Class Cards
Cyber Class Cards
Infected Class Rules
Persona Class Rules
Prototype Class Cards

Cyberspace Rules

Psy Rules
Ship Movement Rules
Technology Slot Rules

Time Gates Rules

Narrative Example


Other Playing Structures
The 200 Point Challenge
The Gamblers
Everyone Plays To The End
Free For All
The Ego Game
A Few More Variations

Designer's Notes

Universe Edition Revision 1.0 Design Credits

Universe Edition Revision 1.0 Art Credits

The Sets And Expansions
Galactic Empires on the Internet