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    This website is best viewed using Mozilla using a screen resolution of at least 800x600. I highly recommend that you also install the Image Zoom plug-in from This wonderful little plug-in will allow you to quickly and easily zoom in and out on the thousands of card scan images found on these pages.

    So what is the Galactic Empires Card Museum? Well, I've scanned most of my Galactic Empires card collection into the computer, some 2,100 cards. This took a rather lot of work, both to scan and then to organize the cards. It's a symptom of my insanity, and you get to benefit from it! Thanks largely to the efforts of Joe Collins and Craig Sentz I've now managed to post almost every GE card ever released - something on the order of 2,500 cards. I'm currently missing only a very few cards.


What can you do to help?

    In fact, there are several things you can do:

  1. If you spot any errors or omissions e-mail me and let me know.
  2. You can donate some money to me through Paypal. I hope to upgrade this site and put it on a decent server. Once I've done that I'll offer higher quality "lossless" JPEGs of the cards, as well as a single ZIP file you can download the entire card archive with. If I actually get enough donations I may use some of the money to track down some of the cards I'm missing (to add them to the archive; I swear it won't be for personal use :-).
  3. Give me your cards! If I'm missing a card and you have extras, give them to me and I'll add them to the archive.
  4. OK, so you probably don't want to give up your cards ;-) Especially since the cards I'm missing are some of the more valuable ones. E-Mail me and we can arrange for you to send me the cards along with return postage so you can get them back.
  5. Scan the cards in yourself. If you are handy with a scanner scan the cards in at 100 DPI, using a 175 LPI Descreen. The images should come out to be 240x340 pixels. Send me the original BMP file or "lossless" JPEG (100% quality).


The Card Archive

    If you are looking for a particular card you can look through the archives at Alternatively, you can browse the Card Index, which will allow you to look at cards by type or by set. I currently have over 1,700 cards posted here.

    Here is a list of cards I need good quality scans of, sorted by Card Type or Card Set.


    Skeeve's GE page at will be shutting down at some point in the future. I've mirrored his site on my website at 


Galactic Empires Resources

    Galactic Empires is a collectable card game, long out of print due to the demise of Companion Games. However, the game has never quite died due to a dedicated (though small) fan base on the internet. You can still find cards for sale on eBay, and can still find fan sites online such as Skeeve's and Galactic
    I've been working on editing the unofficial Universe Edition v2.1 rulebook revision, which is an attempt to collect rules from various published sources into one place.

Errata FAQ Q&A
Tournament Rules
Indirigan Touring Game
Quick Learners Guide
/w Header
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800x600 or greater
/w Table Of Contents
best viewed at
1024x768 or greater
GE Play Mat (PDF)
Allied Forces cardlist & Errata
All of the above in
one ZIP file (~0.8MB)

"Dragons of Space" Puzzle
Click on the picture to download a 1024x768 Wallpaper
1994 Ed Beard Jr.
Click on the picture to download a 1024x768 Wallpaper


How To Tell The Sets Apart

C1 - Confidential Coordinating First Chief Executive Deputy Assistant to the..... Set:UE Rarity:U

    Note the wider white card border and thin beveled image border. This card is from the Series U - Universe Edition.

C1 - Confidential First Chief Executive Deputy Assistant to the..... Set:PE Rarity:U

    Note the thin white card border and wide colored image border. This card is from the Series II - Primary Edition

    It is difficult to tell cards from the various expansions from one another, even to someone familiar with these cards. Companion Games never tried to make it easy to differentiate the various expansion sets as some other companies did. A quick rundown of the major differences:
    Series I (Alpha & Beta) have a dimpled surface; later sets had a smooth surface much like most other CCGs.
    Series II (Primary Edition) & Series III (New Empires) have a narrow white card border measuring about 1/16th inch. The card images also have a wide colored border around them.
    Series U (Universe), Series IV and all later sets have a wider white card border measuring about 1/8th inch. The image border was also replaced with a thin beveled edge for most of the cards reprinted in later sets.
    Differences between individual cards which were reprinted from one of the later sets into one of the other later sets are difficult to tell and usually must be done on a card-by-card basis, identifying minor art changes or rules corrections.


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